Comments Network 0.3

Add comments to your page straight from Hacker News, Reddit and others easily:

<comment-box hackernews="11850599" limit="1" class="border"></comment-box>
<script src=""></script>

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  1. Create and publish anything that you want online.
  2. Share it in the networks you love and get traction there.
  3. Add our snippet to your page to display those great comments.
  4. The visitors can comment where it matters for them.


These are the comment networks available right now:

  • Hacker News: Computer science and entrepreneurship.
  • Reddit: Anything! Just find the right subreddit.

Comments Network

Comments Network is in development (since 26th Oct 2016). It will be ready for production soon, but until then some things might change. Subscribe to get important updates on the project and the release version:

Example: go to this JSFiddle and try it out (;

Example 2: a recent story that can be commented about cybersecurity. The thread is so the thread id is 12831430:

<comment-box class="border" hackernews="12831430" limit="1"></comment-box>

Here it's extra-limited it to 1 comment, but you can set this to anything. This will render:

Example 3: go to the bottom of this page for meta-comments :)


There are some options that you can specify within the comment-box:


To use a network you just have to define an attribute NETWORKNAME="ID".

<comment-box hackernews="8315616"></comment-box>

You are able to specify two or more articles from the same network by separating the ids with a space (or a comma):

<comment-box hackernews="8315616 11850599"></comment-box>

Hacker News hackernews="8315616"

The ID is the number after the ?id=. For, the id is 8315616. Use it:

<comment-box hackernews="8315616"></comment-box>

Reddit reddit="web_design/comments/5a5oez"

The id is the fragment that includes CHANNEL/comments/ID, exluding the initial /r/ and the final /TITLE/. For, it would be web_design/comments/5aj852. Use it:

<comment-box reddit="web_design/comments/5aj852"></comment-box>

Sort sort="default"

Defines which variable to sort the comments. Prepend it by a - to sort in reverse order. Now it defaults to default, which means it is ordered in the same way as the page it comes from. However this also means that networks don't mix together, so you might want to change it to -timestamp.

Note: we are using anidated networks so far, so the sorting will happen only in the topmost comment from each thread as expected, not with the sub-children.

Limit limit="30"

The maximum number of comments to show by default. In the future it will paginate/infinitescroll them from there:

<comment-box hackernews="8315616" limit="30"></comment-box>

It defaults to 30, not unlimited as you could expect as it's better than to let it grow wild over time.


The different versions and what has to happen to reach them.

1.x - Future ideas

1.0 - Release

0.9 - beta

0.3 - alpha 3 [current]

0.2 - alpha 2

0.1 - alpha 1


I don't really know how this works; you can use this, please don't abuse it and please don't remove the name+link of I'll work some legal text to put here at some point. I recommend that you don't use it to production (yet) and please don't send over 10.000 requests/month (yet) as that might collapse the site even though it's heavily cached internally.

You use this at your own risk and I reserve the right to change/modify/remove anything at any point for any reason (within the law), so stay up to date with the modifications. It's an alpha right now after all.


Made by Francisco Presencia Fandos from Francisco IO Ltd (UK). Contact me for anything at or just use Comments Network: