Comments Network 0.4

Integrate Hacker News comments in your page easily:

<comment-box site="" limit="1" class="border"></comment-box>
<script src=""></script>
This project will be discontinued soon. Please do not use it anymore.

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Comments Network

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Integrate Hacker News comments into your platform. Example: a story about web scrapping:

<comment-box site="" limit="1" class="border"></comment-box>

Here it's extra-limited it to 1 comment, but you can set this to anything. This will render:


Specify the options in the comment-box element with HTML attributes. Every parameter is optional.

Note: all snippets here will be added limit="1" and class="border" for display purposes.

Site site={window.location.href}

Comments are retrieved from an url that will default to window.location.href. These two are the same when embed in this website:

<comment-box site=""></comment-box>

Comments Network will then find the threads associated to that URL and display the comments from those threads into your website. It is normalized to remove the leading https? and trailing / server-side so these are all the same:

<comment-box site=""></comment-box>
<comment-box site=""></comment-box>
<comment-box site=""></comment-box>
<comment-box site=""></comment-box>

When using the default value, the hashtags #fragment and queries ?what=ever will be ignored. If you want to force some of them you just have to specify them through the attribute. So these all resolve different:

<comment-box site=""></comment-box>
<comment-box site=""></comment-box>
<comment-box site=""></comment-box>

There was an old way to specify it by network; right now it's gone and instead we are focusing on Hacker News and multiple threads through an URL. Subscribe with Mailchimp for whenever we release a new network.

Limit limit="30"

The maximum number of comments to show by default. In the future it will paginate/infinitescroll them from there:

<comment-box hackernews="8315616" limit="30"></comment-box>

It defaults to 30 to avoid loading them all in case you get too many comments. If it is not set or it is set to a non-numeric value it will default back to 30.

Sort sort="default"

Defines which variable to sort the comments. Prepend it by a - to sort in reverse order. Examples with all the possibilities:

<comment-box sort="default"></comment-box>
<comment-box sort="timestamp"></comment-box>
<comment-box sort="-timestamp"></comment-box>

Now it defaults to default, which means it is ordered in the same way as the page it comes from. As they actually come from different APIs and sites, they might as well be unordered so you probably want to change it to one of the variants of timestamp so they get sorted chronologically.

Title title="Comments"

Change the default title or remove it. With a custom title:

<comment-box title="My very own custom title"></comment-box>

With no title at all:

<comment-box title=""></comment-box>


Note: this is a rough plan for the future but right now it's free with no ads. Subscribe here to get notified when it goes into effect.

The project is free to use for everyone. If your blog/page is not so popular, you'll get it for free; however if you get heavy traffic, we'll start showing advertising. The pricing is based on visits:

You are paying for the API/integration, not for the content of the comments themselves which are owned by their respective owners.


This is alpha software; subscribe to get notified when released. Use it at your own risk, though I don't recommend it for production (yet) and please don't send over 1M requests/month as that might collapse the site even though it's heavily cached internally.

The only requeriment so far is that you keep the name+link+logo(if any) of I reserve the right to change/modify/remove anything at any point for any reason (within the law). Big changes will be announced through email. It's an alpha right now after all.

This is property of Francisco IO LTD (UK).


Made by Francisco Presencia Fandos. Contact me at or in my website. This project is open to sponsors, and if enough money is raised it will become Open Source.

Keeping HN quality

The reason the first version will be based on HN is that it's (IMHO) the best source for technical discussions on the internet. As expected, one of the main concerns is that by using Comments Network you are sending random people to join HN and lower the quality. This is a real concern and this is what I'm doing to try to prevent it:

In the end of the day nothing stops someone with a cooking blog to add a link with "Comments on Hacker News"; this just gives super powers to that person. However if you happen to have other ideas please email me: